Why We Should Use Clear License Plate Covers From Phantomtagprotector

Laws regarding license plates keep changing all the time. At one time people could design their own license plates using wood, plastic or metal. However, the law changed and tax payers have to shell out money to buy the plates only from government agencies. In some states laws require that motorists must obtain new plates every time they buy a car. Alternatively, some states allow them to retain old plates on payment of a fee. Regardless, the license plates are made of 3M material that has a specified amount of reflectivity. The reflectivity deteriorates over time and lasts at the most for 5 years. Exposure to UV, oxidation, rain and snow as well as corrosive chemicals can affect the license plate legibility and reflectivity. If police officers decide the plate does not conform to specs, is not legible or is not reflective enough motorists end up paying a fine.


The simplest way to keep on the right side of the law, as far as license plates are concerned, is to use clear license plate covers. The covers protect the plate and prevent its deterioration. There are good enough reasons to use only the clear license plate covers from Phantontagprotector.


  • Normally, one can use any transparent plastic material like acrylic as a shield to protect the license plate from dirt, rain and snow. However, in the case of license plates any material will not serve the purpose. Exposure to UV in sunlight causes most plastics to turn yellow and dull. Phantomtagprotector uses UV stabilized highly transparent acrylic, precision machined and slotted to fit perfectly over the license plates. This material does not degrade soon and retains its transparency for a longer time.
  • UV not only dulls plastic but also makes it brittle and prone to breakages. Use of special grade acrylic in the covers ensures better mechanical strength for longer period.
  • The surface of the acrylic sheet is extremely smooth and transparent. It repels dirt, dust, water and snow, providing all weather protection for expensive license plates.
  • It is easy to buy license plate covers online but it is difficult to get fresh replacement license plates. Protecting them at a little expense goes a long way to save headaches.
  • There are people who are likely to say never mind the quality; let’s just fit any protective cover provided it costs less. Since it is easy to take off and fit one can always replace the cover should it become yellow or crack. For people looking for bargains Phantomtagprotector offers superior plate covers or tag protectors at a fantastic discount of 44% for a limited time.
  • Low cost is one thing but when a product is backed by a guarantee or 100% money back policy then one can trust that product. Phantomtagprotector has a solid guarantee policy for all its products, even the simplest, plain and clear acrylic license plate covers.

 And, if hundreds of people are buying the protectors each day, they cannot be wrong.


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