Use Anti Photo License Plate Cover and Save Yourself From Traffic Police Tickets

Citizens in several states are outraged at receiving traffic violation tickets. In many cases the tickets were issued as a result of traffic cameras purportedly photographing the car for speeding or crossing red lights. The purpose of traffic cameras is to reduce accidents and enforce traffic laws while police can focus on more important matters. In many cases the tickets were issued even though the driver had not committed a breach. Citizens claim the cameras are not as a preventive measure but as a revenue generating source allegedly rigged by installers. Fines range from $ 100 to $ 300 with penalties if not paid within 30 days. In Chicago alone the camera installations generated $ 69 million in revenues in 2010.

Two Anti Photo Radar License Plate Covers

It is easy for a car driver to become a victim without being unaware. He comes to know only when he receives a ticket in the mail and must pay up. How to avoid this situation? There are citizen activist groups campaigning against cameras and some states have shut them down. However, if you live in an area where these are active and there are chances of your becoming a victim the best way around is to take preventive measures. One measure is to drive well below the specific speed limit. Another is to stop when the light goes yellow. Still another, better method is to install anti photo license plate covers over the license plates.

This is a simple passive device that a driver affixes over the regular plates. The material of the cover is acrylic but the surface is textured with fine prisms in a way that the numbers are clearly legible when viewed directly from the front. However, when viewed from a side angle or a top angle, the angles at which traffic cameras are usually installed, and then these covers reflect light in a way to partially obscure the number. If the computer cannot read the number it cannot then process data to issue a ticket. It is as simple as that. The advanced lens technology blocks camera photos, blocks video recording and blocks random scanning. However, when viewed from front, the cover appears transparent and the registration number is clearly visible, which means these covers are complying with legal requirements.

Anti Photo Radar License Plate Cover

Red light cameras and video systems may be rigged to falsely issue tickets. The driver has to then prove he is not guilty, something that he cannot do and must pay the fine. In such cases it is in the driver’s interests to ensure that the ticket is not issued in the first place. Even if he drives carefully there are chances that rigged cameras may issue a ticket. In this situation the installation of the license plate cover is the best protection against such wrongful tickets. There are added benefits in that the covers protect against effects of weather, dirt dust, grease and mechanical damage to the plates. It costs only a little but saves the driver a huge amount that he would be paying by way of fines.


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