The Advantages of Anti-Camera License Plate Covers For Your Vehicle

The objective of traffic cameras is to reduce accidents. However, traffic cameras are also used as instruments to increase revenue. Florida drivers alone paid $ 100 million in traffic fines. If the state gains in revenues it comes out of someone’s pocket and that is the hapless driver who has no way to appeal. Traffic cameras are designed to have a short yellow light duration and if the driver is not able to stop his vehicle by the time the lights turn red, his number is captured and a ticket is issued. If this happens then the driver has to pay the fine and incur other expenses.

Two Anti Photo Radar License Plate Covers

These expenses could involve attorney fees, indirect consideration of loss of wages for the time he spends in attending court and paying the fine and incidental expenses all of which losses could amount to about $500 on an average. If this happens repeatedly then he could face increasing fines or suspension of his driving license. There is a smart way to avoid being targeted by traffic cameras and that is achieved by the simple expedient of installing Phantom Tag Protector anti-camera license plate covers. There are advantages to this type of covers that cost less than USD 50.

The indirect advantage of the cover is that it protects the license plates and increases longevity. The other direct advantage is that traffic cameras are not able to capture the license plate number in full and it is not possible to issue a ticket. The driver remains safeguarded. An investment of just USD 50 saves photo ticket worth USD 100 to 150 and additional costs not to speak of time and effort. There are indirect benefits. Traffic tickets could result in higher insurance rates. This is avoided by the use of these anti-camera covers for license plates. Repeated tiolations resulting in loss of driving license could also mean loss of job if one is in a job that requires a driving license. Each time one drives a car one is never sure whether traffic cameras have captured their plate details and whether they will receive a ticket or not. Driving becomes an ordeal and this can be avoided simply by the use of plate covers that prevent cameras from recording the number.

NON Anti-Photo Phantom Tag Protector.

The way these covers work is quite simple. The surface of the acrylic cover has microprisms that reflect light at certain angles and partially obscure the number. If a number is not captured in its entirity then the computer cannot issue a ticket. When viewed from the front the number is quite clear so traffic police cannot make out the properties of the cover. It is only when the plate is viewed from angle that there is a glare that prevents a complete readout. Traffic cameras are usually installed at an angle, either by the side of the road or high above. The plate always appears partially obscured when viewed from this angle and it becomes impossible for the system to generate a traffic ticket.


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