Why Customized License Plate Frame is Helpful For All

If car owners prefer to go in for accessories like license plate covers and license plate frames, there is a good reason for it.

The licence plates are usually made of thin metal and are prone to warping and bending. There have been instances when people have seen their license plates bent out of shape after a car wash. Exposed license plates are vulnerable. Frames made of brass or acrylic or metal provide a measure of protection. Of course these frames are also used to convey a message and dealerships are fond of handing out frames with their custom message. Even car owners like the embellishment frames offer. It is a sort of status symbol to have a rich and classy looking frame around the plate. Some even prefer to have their license plate frames monogrammed for a personalized look. A car does look different with customized license plate frames and it gives the owner great satisfaction.

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There is still another reason why customized license plate frame covers are helpful. It does keep the plates securely in place and acts as a deterrent to thieves who target license plates.

However, one must be careful in choosing the frame size and type. In many States frames may be considered illegal and will result in a fine. Some states permit frames so long as they do not obscure any writing on the license plate. The plate must be visible from a distance of 100 feet and should not hamper the view of traffic or toll booth scanners. Any violation could result in a fine. Even if a small part of the lettering on the plate is covered by the frame or cover then it can be considered a violation and it could result in a fine.

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What this means is that drivers must be careful in selecting the plate frame and not take the first one offered by the dealership. It is better to put it in place to check that there is a clear margin and that all characters and numerals on the plate are clearly visible. Some experts recommend that there should be no plate frames at all. Still, given the advantages of a plate frame cover, it is better to have one in place rather than be without one and risk the plate becoming bent or damaged.

The frame could be coupled with a nice cover that has a dual function. One is to protect the plate and the other is to serve as an anti-camera device. If the plate deserves protection against the elements then the driver too needs some sort of protection against being ticketed by red light cameras for no fault of his own. The frame, in conjunction with a suitable microprism surface acrylic cover keeps the plate and the driver fully protected.

The only thing to keep in mind is to comply with local laws that can vary from one State to another and to make sure that even where it is acceptable to have custom frames for license plates, they do not obscure the lettering in any way.


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